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The world is transforming into an inherently intelligent, digitally enabled mesh of people, things and services. IT evangelists presage a disruption. But disruption is only beneficial when you are the disruptor; it can be disastrous when you are the one being disrupted. Transform your business now and get ready for the digital age!


Physical - digital integration

Capturing real-world objects, relations, and dynamics digitally enables monitoring, simulations, analytics, and forecasting. For the first time, the business can change, measure, and improve in near-real time.

We create digital twins of IoT / Industry 4.0 systems to enable smarter businesses and a smarter life

Digital mesh platform

An intelligent digital mesh requires changes to the architecture, technology and tools used to develop solutions. The mesh app and service architecture (MASA) is a multichannel solution architecture that leverages cloud and serverless computing, containers and microservices as well as APIs and events to deliver modular, flexible and dynamic solutions.

Our smart platform seamless integrates data from different channels for your on-demand / as-a-service business.

Intelligent solutions & big data

Undoubtedly, the current technological evolution will lead to the development of smart applications which can exchange information automatically and may soon be able to make independent decisions, support machine learning, and perform predictive analyses. Today we are producing more data that than we can analyze. The valuable knowledge hidden in these data must be unlocked and used to make better decisions.

Data Security

Your data is safe, stored under 1000 meters of granite rock in a heavily guarded bunker which can even survive a nuclear attack. All user data is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO), which offer some of the strongest privacy protection in the world to both individuals and corporations.

The Digital Transformation

New digital business models are emerging, and new ecosystems are forming to realign business and customer relationships. smart technology group is your partner who will help you get ready for the digital transformation.

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